King David Suites, Aruba, Retail: $1,050 VS $298 with GRN! 72% Less Than Retail!

King David Suites, Aruba.

Our exclusive apartment are located in the best residential zone of the Island – Palm Beach, close to the lovely beaches, large hotels, restaurants, casinos and commercial district of Noord; you will find convenience of a hotel, the privacy and comfort of their home.
The location of our apartments is privileged. From King David Suites there are fast ways for access to the main sites of the Island. Each unit is comprised of a 2 comfortable 2 bedroom suite tastefully decorated with all the amenities to make you feel at home away from home.
Besides finding an exclusive residential zone in Aruba, in the surroundings one can enjoy the best restaurants, casinos, beaches and other diversions of the Islands.
Below is a price comparison between the posted rate on the resort’s website (as Expedia doesn’t have that resort available for that week) versus the GRN Membership’s members’ only rate for the exact same dates at this resort:

GRN: $298

Savings Of $752 Or 72% Less Than Retail!


Notice how booking direct through the resort is 72% MORE expensive than the GRN members’ rate! It’s not even a close call! $1,050 with Expedia VS $298 as a GRN member! That’s $752 in  savings in just one single week of vacation!   Why pay $1,050 retail booking through the resort or any of the major travel booking sites (provided they have it available in the first place that is!) when you can get access to the exact same resort, not only for the exact same dates (but you can also select your own dates!) and for the exact same unit for between $398-$799 (in this case, only $298) using your GRN Membership? 

And with your GRN Membership, you’ll have unrestricted lifetime access to over 5,000 resorts around the world at up to 90% off the so called “Best Price Guarantee” that Expedia and co claims!

As you can see, with unbeatable vacation deals like this one and the myriads of others show cased throughout this site, as a GRN member, you will be able to vacation more than ever! For what you currently pay for one single vacation through Expedia’s so called “Best Price Guarantee”, you can go on 2, 3 if not 4 vacations! Now the only question left, is, with unbeatable vacation deals like these, how many vacations will go onto this year and ever year for the rest of your life?

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